The FlyMove Team


Current members of the FlyMove Team are:

Dr. Robert Klapper
Christof Rickert
Stephan Röhl
Dr. Thomas Strasser

Prof. Dr. Herbert Jäckle
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Janning
Prof. Dr. Christian Klämbt
Prof. Dr. Gerd M. Technau

For contact mail to:

Prof. Dr. Christian Klämbt
Institut für Neurobiologie
Badestr. 9
48149 Münster

We are indebted to all members who contributed in an earlier stage of the FlyMove project:

Dr. Joachim Eberhardt
Monika Grewe
Dr. Thilo Hafenrichter
Jens Himmelmann

Dr. Katrin Weigmann

Prof. Dr. José Campos-Ortega
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Knust