You can download all media provided by FlyMove.

Media that cannot be saved directly to your hard disc can be downloaded as .sit (Mac) or .zip (PC) files from the "media" search page. In case the file does not unpack automatically, or after double click, please install Stuffit Expaner on your computer (available for free at (for PC) or at (for Mac).


Images will be provided in jpeg format.

Interactive Shockwaves:
Shockwave files can be in one of two formats, depending on the program they were created with:
  • Shockwave Flash: The extracted file will have the ending ".swf" and requires Shockwave Flash player to view (available for free at
  • Director Shockwave: Shockwaves created in Macromedia Director will be distributed as stand alone "projectors". Different files are available for Mac or PC. Projectors appear as an application program on your system desktop. On a PC they will have the ending ".exe". They require Shockwave player to view (available for free at ).
QuickTime movies:
Movie files will have the ending ".mov", and require QuickTime player (version 5 or higher) to view (available for free at ).