About FlyMove

FlyMove is an internet resource to study the development of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, aimed at university students and teachers of developmental biology classes. It will provide you with a variety of images, movies and interactive Shockwaves, which will facilitate the understanding of complex developmental processes. Each of these media types is marked with a symbol.

Images and Movies contain in vivo data as well as graphics and animation, allowing abstraction while keeping closely connected to the organism.

Interactive Shockwaves allow to explore developmental processes at your own pace and level. Some virtual experiments are presented, too.
If you are new to Drosophila development, enter the program via the "tour" button , where you will be guided through the flies life cycle. If you are more advanced, use "stages", "processes" etc to enter the program, where you can choose your subject of interest.

For questions and suggestions please contact flymove@uni-muenster.de